Our MountainTop, Mobility and Mobile App Business are a big factor behind the drive of the internet of things. Most companies are beginning to discover how it can be used to increase their sales and create an efficient business environment.

Furthermore, Our mobile solution is a series of business applications developed to help you take advantage of this phenomenon. Our Mobile business App solution offers a wide variety of applications to fulfill your daily business activities. Importantly, our 3 main core mobile products are Mobile Sales and Mobile Inventory and Mobile Order.

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Progress Web Apps (PWA) are an emerging technology that combine the open standards of the web offered by modern browsers to provide benefits of a rich mobile experience.

Tailor-Made Solution

We can customize based on your requirements to ensure that our solution is your perfect solution.

Scanning Technology

Explore our latest and highest quality barcode scanning, text and objects recognition and delivering real-time insights through augmented reality.

ERP Integration

Our solutions are highly designed to run on your ERP platforms so that it will enhance you and your customer experience with mobility

Our Technology

MountainTop Mobile solutions use the latest technology in providing the best mobile experience and infrastructure to our users. Our promise is to build a platform of ever expanding technology in order to enhance our customer’s business and expansion.

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Our Mobile Solutions


MoutainTop Order IT is the platform to enable your sales force to tap on mobile technology. Your sales team will now have access to real time information about your product catalogue, inventory levels, price list, customer details such as sales trends, receivables etc.

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MountainTop Stock IT is the platform that enables your warehouse workforce to record all movement of inventory anytime, anywhere and on any device. The scanning option together with bar code generation enables you to keep inventory records in an effective manner.

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MountainTop Make IT is the platform that enables your production workforce to scan and report production related information anytime, anywhere and on any device. Automating data collection helps you manage your shop floor is an even more effective way.

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MountainTop Buy IT is the platform that empower your workforce and vendors. It allows customers to digitize purchase requisitions and sourcing process more effectively. Employees can now track and receive updates from their vendor.

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Our Technology

  • Scanning technology

    Our latest scanning technology includes matrix scanning with different types of barcodes

  • Geo Location

    Geo location allows user to pin-point any specific target location for specific usage of sales visit, delivery, tracking purpose and more

Our Skill Set

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