Malaysia Software Solutions Provider

About Us

Today we are proud to be serving more than 200 companies in Malaysia and their subsidiaries out of this country. We have been recognized by our industry peers with their awards and testimonials.

Who We Are

SL Information is a leading Malaysian end-to-end enterprise business solution provider. Our complete range of business solution comprise of four pillars:

  • enterprise IT infrastructure solution;
  • integrated enterprise management solution;
  • enterprise business performance management solution;
  • effective enterprise business document management solution.

We have successfully spearheaded market development in Malaysia for the following:

  1. IBM’s enterprise IT infrastructure solution for more than two decades.
  2. PRONTO’s integrated enterprise management solution for over 20 years.
  3. Infor’s integrated enterprise management solution for the last decade and a half.
  4. IBM’s enterprise business performance management solution since 2000.
  5. OpenText Customer Communications Management’s effective business document management solution for > 12 years.

Solution Overview


>30 manufacturing customers across ASEAN


20 years of manufacturing experience


SME specialization


Discreet and Non discreet manufacturing


Manufacturing with smart integrations

History of SL Information

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

To be one of the top IT solution providers in terms of services and solutions

Our Mission

We Have It All. Our mission is to provide the best and excellent customer services and also to enhance our customer competitive advantage through our latest technology

Our Values

We embrace great team-work culture in our daily work environment. We always listen both to our colleagues and customers in order to improve our services and solutions.