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Mobile Your Sales Team with MountainTop OrderIT

MoutainTop Order IT is the mobile CRM platform for your sales team. It is aimed at helping your business provide better customer service and increase your sales volume.

Your sales team will have access to real time information about your products, pricing, inventory levels and customer details in order for an engaging experience with your customer.

Order IT Features:

1. Product Catalogue with product image views.

2. Product availability with multiple warehouse feature

3. Pricing – online price by customer and product

4. Fast order taking and check out process with credit limit validation

5. Customer order tracking with complete order history

6. Sales analysis by sales person and customer

7. Collection Management

8. Integration to ERP via APIs for online information engagement


MountainTop Order IT is the platform to enable your mobile sales force to tap on mobile technology. Your sales team will now have access to real time information about your product catalogue, inventory levels, price list, customer details such as sales trends, receivables etc. Your sales team will be able to enter sales quotations and orders anytime, anywhere and on any mobile devices.

Product Catalogue

Showcase your products using a beautiful electronic catalogue

Electronic Brochure

Convert your existing printed brochures into electronic brochures

Accounts & Contacts

Manage all your customer information in one shared database

Quotes & Orders

Create quotes and orders whilst onsite with your customers