Fast Moving Consumer Goods Solution Overview

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Industry major challenge is expanding the customer reach through omni channels and building customer loyalty. Having the right and timely information to ensure the availability of products on the shelves, and timely replenishment are the ultimate objectives of the business. Having visibility on the right promotion and customer loyalty program can greatly enhanced the customer experience with the product / consumer goods and the brand.

“M3 offered us an integrated system that would enable us to incorporate everything from planning and scheduling to raw material production, quality control, food traceability, and operational cost minimizing” FFM

Key industry functionality :

  • Freight Costing
  • Reverse Bills of Materials
  • Daily/hourly Planning
  • Supplier Rebate Management
  • Shipment / Transport Management
  • Attribute Management
  • Lot Management & Traceability
  • Shelf Life & Expiry Date Planning
  • Inventory Ageing
  • Standard, Average & Actual costing
  • Quality Management
  • Grower Settlement
  • Promotions, Prices & Discounts
  • Distribution Requirements Planning
  • Stock Commitments (pre-allocation)
  • Assortments and Replacement Items


Company Profile

Sector: Food Manufacturing
Industry: FMCG
Lam Soon is a household name in South East Asia, known for its quality products and strong brand management skills. With strong brands and extensive sales & distribution network, it is recognized as a major Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) player. From its beginnings, it has grown steadily over the years and today, it has operations in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Company Profile

Sector: Food Manufacturing
Industry: FMCG

Etika* Group of Companies and its subsidiaries are primarily involved in the manufacturing, distribution and marketing of some of the leading halal beverages in Malaysia. We have an established comprehensive distribution network across Malaysia, reaching over 40,000 customers directly. The Group also has operations in Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Company Profile

Sector: Food Manufacturing
Industry: FMCG

FFM commenced operation as a wheat flour miller in 1966 with a single mill having a daily wheat milling capacity of 150 mt. Involved initially only in the production of wheat flour, FFM has grown and diversified over the years. Today, the FFM Group is not only a dominant player in the Malaysian wheat flour industry, but also a regional player operating flour mills in Indonesia and Vietnam (via its subsidiaries) and in Thailand and China (via its associates)

Company Profile

Sector: Food Manufacturing
Industry: FMCG

For over 120 years Ayam Brand™ helps you create meal occasions that are memorable, totally satisfying and with ease. We bring you ideas and products which will make your meals a sure success and at the same time, enable you to discover new tasty dishes to tantalize your family’s taste buds! Our commitment is to offer you healthy & natural products which are of superior quality. This is because we treasure the confidence and trust that was placed by millions of families in Asia in Ayam Brand™ since 1892.

Company Profile

Sector: Food Manufacturing
Industry: FMCG

Malaysia Milk Sdn Bhd is supported by an efficient distribution and sales network covering key market centres located throughout the country. With special refrigerated delivery trucks and vans that travel the length and breadth of Malaysia, products reach retail outlets as fresh as the day they leave the Malaysia Milk production plant.

Company Profile

Sector: Food Manufacturing
Industry: FMCG

Shriro (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (044313-W) is wholly owned by Shriro Pacific Ltd, which is headquartered in Hong Kong. We are a premier distributor, manufacturer and retailer of premium goods established in 1948. Our long history, experiences and track records place us among the top choice of business partnerships with some of the world’s most renowned brands in several key industries such as Imaging, Marketing, Technical and Sports. We believe in the partnerships with our principals and customers to achieve long-term growth in an ever expanding and competitive market environment through creative marketing, commitment and continuity.

Company Profile

Sector: Food Manufacturing
Industry: FMCG

Oriental Food Industries Sdn Bhd was established and incorporated in 1978. From our modest beginnings, we have made our mark in the food manufacturing industry today holding the leading position in the snack food and confectionery industry in Malaysia. In a crowded marketplace, we remain focused on placing the needs and interests of our customers’ first by manufacturing products that focuses on quality.

Years of Experience

More than 25 years

Employee Size

More than 80 highly professional colleagues

Dedicated Teams

Mobile, Infrastructure & Supply Chain Team

Support & Customercare

Dedicated Support Team

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We have earned the trust of >100 customers , including some of these fine companies

Here are the main key modules for Infor M3 FMCG solution:

SL Awards

SL Information has been awarded with numerous outstanding awards. To name a few, 

  1. IBM ASEAN Top Partner
  2. Pronto Top Partner

SL RoadMap

In SL, we have a road map for our customers to upgrade and to enhance their productivity and process workflows. We have teams in mobile application and infrastructure to help expand our customers’ IT transformation.

SL Community

We works closely with our customers on their needs and requirements. Our marketing team continuously seeks feedback and also provide updates to our customers. As a result, they are always well-informed on the latest technological trends.

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Infor M3 Fully Supports Supply Chain Management by Optimity