The Importance of Customer Communication in 2019

The Importance of Customer Communication in 2019

SL Information Blog:

Forging a customer experience strategy is a key trend for
2019. Companies in Malaysia are starting to realize that delivering good
customer experience will increasingly impact business results. Globally Gartner
predicts that 81% of corporate leaders  believe they will be competing
primarily on customer experience in the near future but only 22% have succeeded
in creating an experience that exceeds customer expectations. Malaysian
companies need to close the gap in 2019 as customers are looking for
convenience, innovation and increased security.

Customers are increasingly looking for personalized content,
personalized experience and instant gratification. More engaging content is
required to fulfil this trend  coupled with detailed analytics of customer
preferences and habits. This is the driving the need for multiple technology
platforms such as business analytics and customer communications that is agile.

Omni-channel have been trending for many years but few
companies have truly delivered. In 2019, omni-channel becomes more apparent as
companies need to be consistent with their messaging across various customer
touch points. Omi-channel is not only expanded across to social media but as
IoT infiltrate people’s lives, customers will be connected via wearables, cars
and appliances.

Customer communications will shift away from products,
departments or functions to managing the entire customer process. A customer
journey with your business consists of strings of processes and this will
endeavour your strategy as to how to make a good experience for your customer
throughout the journey. For example, this can start from initial contact
beginning as a prospect before winning the business, turning a prospect to be a
customer, delivering your product and services, managing customer returns and
so forth. Each of these engagement require a built on the type and manner of
customer communications that will give them a delightful experience. Such an
approach can bring forth positive impact to the business.

Have you aligned your communications across the customer
journey that includes your transactional communications? Monthly communications
of bills or statements get read 97% at an average of 4 minutes every month.
These are arguably some of the best touch points you can have with your
customers. Only a few companies in Malaysia have capitalized on the real estate
of a bill or statement for upselling and cross selling. Most companies have
overlooked this.