About Demand Planning

Demand planning drives your entire supply chain so needs to be as accurate as possible.

By automatically retrieving and analyzing data from a vast range of inputs – history, the market, regional and functional teams whilst enabling effective collaboration with all your stakeholders, Optimity will deliver accurate and current consensus forecasting, agreed to by everyone.

With Optimity, you can dynamically monitor and manage your demand planning. You will be able to quickly identify and respond to unexpected market changes, effectively plan and analyze promotions, and differentiate forecasting across your different customer streams – and product groups and subgroups.

In a volatile market with fluctuating demand, Optimity will provide current and reliable plans that mean your organization can continuously adapt.

How do we test your forecast accuracy benchmark?

Should you need to evaluate & review your MRP, Kindly contact us. Talk to us and find out how you can get a free proof of concept (POC) 

1. Fill up your past historical data for the year 2016 & 2017

2. Select your top 5 products with data on sales qty and sales amount for each month

3. Submit all your data in the given form.

4. Allow us to do a forecast analysis for the year 2018

5. Compare the actual outcome of 2018 with our demand forecast analysis report

Accurate Consensus forecasting

All companies want to achieve consensus forecasting that accurately draws intelligence from a vast range of sources – history, market intelligence and functional and regional teams. With quality statistical forecasting and collaborative demand planning, Optimity automates this process – delivering forecasts that anticipate demand in a continuously changing environment.

Demand Forecaster

Predictive analytics to understand and predict customer demand

One-Consensus Forecast

Allowing you to perform an efficient forecast with multiple testings.

Collaborative Planning

Collaboration can lead to better inventory planning and optimization

Statistical Forecasting

Beautiful and informative details of statistical reports

Cloud Technology

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