Demand Planning

Of all supply chain planning functions, quality demand planning can deliver the best financial up-side to a business


About Demand Planning

Accurate, collaborative forecasts are essential for meeting customer expectations, maximizing sales and cutting costs. Integrate improved statistical forecasting and collaborative demand planning with your sales & operations planning to achieve a one-concensus forecast that is agreed to by everyone.

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Demand Forecaster Features:

1. Exchange planning information with business partners

2. Calculate lower and upper confidence limits

3. Easily group data

4. Differentiate forecasting across customer streams and products

5. Drill down to required level of detail

6. Automatically factor in trends, shifting demand and seasonality

7. Restrict user access to authorized data and activities

8. Promotions handling

9. Support exception-based management

10. Seamless integration to S&OP for consensus planning across the business

11. Detect outliers and abnormal demand

Accurate Consensus forecasting

All companies want to achieve consensus forecasting that accurately draws intelligence from a vast range of sources – history, market intelligence and functional and regional teams. With quality statistical forecasting and collaborative demand planning, Optimity automates this process – delivering forecasts that anticipate demand in a continuously changing environment.

Demand Forecaster

Predictive analytics to understand and predict customer demand

One-Consensus Forecast

Allowing you to perform an efficient forecast with multiple testings.

Collaborative Planning

Collaboration can lead to better inventory planning and optimization

Statistical Forecasting

Beautiful and informative details of statistical reports