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Supply Chain Optimization’s basic idea is to deliver a new type of modern planning tool that is easy to use, extremely flexible, and that offers clear economic value by identifying the plans giving you the optimal balance between demand, resource utilization and total cost.  Our Partner, Optimity can be used together with any ERP.



The challenges facing manufacturers are many and often vary with your industry. Whether it’s changing demand, product freshness, intense competition or evolving customer service models, you need to optimize sourcing, batch-sizes, capacity, and resourcing all while maintaining the right service levels and strengthening efficiency.

Optimity will give you a competitive advantage by delivering a plan that will factor in all of the constraints to give you the best possible plan, every time.

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Distribution businesses are facing increasingly complex supply chain networks where you need to carefully balance multiple suppliers, manufacturing sources, warehouses and transportation providers and product mixes. You need to ensure you have the right quantity in the right place at the right time.

Optimity will give you unprecedented control and visibility across your entire supply chain.

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Food and beverage processors and manufacturers face a unique and complex set of challenges – food expiration, seasonality, service requirements, product mix, best use of single input, to name just a few – all in a fast moving and unpredictable market where retailers are applying ever-increasing pressure.

With its ability to handle the most challenging food and beverage planning problems Optimity will deliver true market differentiation and drive future success.

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Demand Planning

Accurate, collaborative forecasts are essential for meeting customer expectations, maximizing sales and cutting costs.

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Supply Chain Optimization

Supply chain optimization technology takes planning to a new level, considering all constraints, complexity & challenges of your business, to help you identify the plan that will be most profitable for the business.

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Inventory Optimizer

Continuously pinpoint your optimal inventory levels across the supply chain and quickly identify and respond to issues.

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About SCM Optimity


What if your plans always gave you the most profitable solution for the business? Plans that remove the silos, deal with the uncertainty, and that are completely supportive of overall business strategy across all time frames, operational, tactical and strategic.

With Optimity you’ll get unprecedented control, accuracy and profitability in your demand and supply chain planning solutions, and your planning will become a driver for growth and competitive differentiation.

Years of Experience

SL Information has been implementing Optimity for more than 5 years in various industries

Dedicated Team & Support

Rest assured, you will supported by a team of great and experienced experts.

Our Customers

To name a few, here are some of our customers: Malaysian Mosaics, Lamsoon and more

ERP Integration

Integrating SCM optimity is easy. SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Infor or other ERPs are perfectly easy to be integrated.

Supply Chain Optimity Integration

Integration Makes Simpler

Here in SL Information, integration comes easy with our wide solutions of ERP such as Infor M3 and Pronto. We also provide standard integration to all major ERPs as well as custom integration to many others, including in-house platforms.

Therefore, it does not matter if you are using SAP, JDE or Microsoft Navision or any other type of ERPs. Come explore with us now.

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We are the first to admit that Optimity isn’t right for every business, & we want to ensure that the technology is right for you. We work closely with key stakeholders during an investigative phase, & offer a uniquely agile prototyping phase that gives you the chance to try before you buy, & no matter what your decision, you take-away tangible commercial intelligence about opportunities & challenges in your business.

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