Multi-Channel Customer Communication Strategy

Multi-Channel Customer Communication Strategy

SL Information Blog:

Do you have a multi-channel customer communications strategy in place? Customer engagements have been transformed to a point where relationships are managed without any human touch. Your business needs to listen to your customers across every touchpoint – from mobile to the Web and beyond. If you do not have a communications strategy in place for the entire organization, you need to start one now.

In many organizations today customer communications are working in a siloed manner. There is a lack of coordination in terms of customer interactions with information and this creates a negative impact in terms of customer experience. To be effective your organization needs to centralize all customer communications as a unified view will help your business create more relevant and engaging customer experience across all touchpoints.

A multi-channel approach is most relevant in the context of how customers wish to be connected with your business. This approach ensures that your customers receive the right communication through their preferred channel and this will enhance the customer experience. A customer communications platform will help your business articulate the type of content, in what format and in what manner should it be delivered to. Some common preferred channels are email, through a customer portal, mobile application, social media and snail mail.

In order for the strategy to be effective, you will need to focus on creating engaging content. Communicating with your customers will require you to keep the customer engaged and interested in what you have to say. More personalization of content to be delivered to your customers is one of the key to keep them engaged with you. The demands from your customers today are skewered toward digital rather than print, therefore an on demand communications via multi-channel based on customer preferences is driving how content is being delivered. Customers are demanding the right information to be made available on their preferred channel at the right time.