Transform & Enhance Your Business During Work-From-Home Period with Our Full Suite of Smart Document Management

Digital documents with both generation and archiving have been increasingly popular since the pandemic in 2020. Due to lock-downs, users were unable to generate printed copies nor have access to physical copies of business documents normally housed on premise. As businesses adapt to the changes, converting documents to digital formats is essential to allow for easy disbursement of information to customer and suppliers. With this, proper archiving of documents is as important for better management and easier access from anywhere, on any device and at any time.

With the continuous movement restriction, MCO, imposed, it is inevitable that companies will need find a solution to effectively process hard-copy and external documents while employees are asked to work from home. Moreover, some documents are received in pdf format and it is still time consuming to manually extract the data by using cut-and-paste method, which is highly non-productive.

  • Process Incoming Document – Smart Capturing
  • Process Outgoing Document – Customer Communication
  • Archive Documents – Easy Search & Retrieval



Scan any hard copy, unstructured data with smart scanning technology and upload the data to ERPs for transactional processing and data archiving.

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Print or send massive amount of digital/hard copies via emails and with proper & meaningful contents to your customers – Customer Communication.

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Search, store and distribute your data at ease thru our powerful Document Management Library. Access data anytime anywhere with security functions

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Why Companies Need Smart Document System?



  • Turn Unstructured Date into Structured
  • Offers Document Backup/Recovery
  • Less Storage Space
  • Improve Workflows
  • Promote Better Version Control & Organization
  • Enable Easy Regulatory Compliance – 7 Years


  • Better customer communication
  • Provide meaningful contents
  • Grant Wider Access to Documents
  • Provide Better Security
  • Save Time and Money
  • Increase Team Collaboration
  • Make Doc Retrieval Easy


    Benefits of Smart Document

    The benefits of Smart Document Management, during Pandemic, is substantial. The business companies from banking, financial services, insurance, to telco, logistics, pharma and healthcare have chosen their business processes to be digitized. Be it working from home or improving customer loyalty or even turning unstructured hard-copy documents to structured information, our Smart Document Management covers the entire document processing from input to output and archiving.

    Work From Home

    Access documents anywhere and have team collaboration while working from home

    Improve Customer Loyalty

    Send meaningful contents to customers for better customer engagement & loyalty

    Turn Unstructed to Structured

    Have your hard-copies transactions digitized and be updated into any ERP for processing

    Productivity & Teamwork

    Retrieve the latest version of documents at ease & improve workflow productivity

    Ephesoft – Smart Capture

    2 minute demo

    Errors, extra steps, delayed payments – if your accounting department is processing invoices manually or using a technology that doesn’t drive automation, you have the opportunity to save significant time and money. Ephesoft’s invoice processing platform puts AI and OCR to work to capture and classify invoices automatically within minutes. No matter the format, Ephesoft’s solution extracts invoice data fast and at industry leading 99.9% accuracy. Complicated tables? No problem! You’ll be surprised at what breakthrough invoice capture can do for your bottom line. Explore what Ephesoft can do for your business today.

    Opentext – Customer Communication Management

    2 minute demo

    OpenText Exstream is a customer communications management software platform that lets you create ultra-personalized content – delivered anytime, anywhere. Looking to inform and engage customers? The launch of Exstream 16.3 extends the ability to create, modify and publish personalized content to non-technical business users plus a whole lot more! Exstream can customized email and send to your customers with meaningful information. Plus, Exstream can provide information on the detailed process of follow-ups at the right time with proper loyalty program.

    MountainTop – Electronic Document Management

    15 minute demo

    Having a proper electronic document library is important, especially when most businesses are operating out of office. With Mountain Top latest and advanced electronic document and record management (EDRM) system, information and searches are right at your fingertip. You can access information anytime anywhere with the enhanced security system to limit restricted users from viewing or editing the documents. EDRM also provides a platform for team members to update and create changes to documents for discussion and enhancement remotely. Explore now!