Harness the power of RPA & the cloud with the only cloud-native platform - Automation 360

The world’s only cloud-native, web-based platform for end-to-end automation -double the amount of automated processes, at a fraction of legacy RPA systems’ infrastructure and three times faster scaling.

Automation 360 is a single, integrated platform that transcends front office and back office technology siloes to automate business processes across all systems and applications, including both SaaS and legacy apps.

These are the RPA processes:-

  1. Manipulating Data
  2. Transaction Processing
  3. Triggering Responses
  4. Communication Between Platforms
  5. Data Entries
  6. Performing Data Consolidation
  7. Copy and Pasting
  8. Extraction of Information (be it from websites, clients and etc)

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    RPA - benefits

    Why Companies Need Robotic Process Automation?

    • Failure to manage multiple systems
    • Manual sourcing of data
    • Fragmented tools
    • Poor process efficiency, high error rate, low performance
    • Increase productivity of human beings, reduced hiring cost
    • Lack of speed, accuracy in dealing with volume
    • Poor operation cost
    • Poor management of repeatable tasks
    • Lack of process/workflow standardization
    • Poor customer experience
    • Need for innovation and transformation

    Benefits of RPA

    The benefits of RPA and Automation Anywhere is substantial. The world’s leading enterprises and the fastest growing midsize companies – from banking, financial services, insurance, to telco, logistics, pharma and healthcare – have chosen Automation Anywhere.

    The #1 RPA Platform

    Easier & Simple to use with Scale 3X faster at 1/5th the cost of legacy system

    No.1 Customer Choice

    World’s most deployed platform with 2.8 Mil bots in over 90 countries

    Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader

    Positioned furthest for completeness of vision in the Leaders’s Quadrant for RPA 2nd year in a row

    Productivity Improvement

    Time saved can be used for new business strategy development

    Automation Anywhere – Software Architecture

    4 minute demo

    The Automation Anywhere platform architecture is designed to meet every robotic process automation (RPA) deployment need, and to do so easily; whether it’s a proof of concept (POC)to a full scale-out of your RPA implementation. Automation Anywhere Enterprise is one of many industry firsts. RPA technology utilizes RPA tools to manage bot capacity and the way bots are deployed is managed with a load balancer. The system supports a single sign on via active directory and SAML 2.0 standards. Automation Anywhere provides rigorous version control functionality like check in check out, version comparison, and roll back. The architecture supports the dev test and production configuration. The separate environments to support SDLC best practices for enterprises.

    Automation Anywhere – Top 5 reasons to implement RPA

    13 minute demo

    Have you upgraded to Automation Anywhere Enterprise A2019? If you haven’t, Micah Smith, developer evangelist at Automation Anywhere, shares his top 5 reasons for upgrading to Automation Anywhere Enterprise A2019, the cloud-native, secure and next-generation business process automation platform. Curious about a particular feature that Micah is excited about?

    1)Bot Agent 2)Human Bot Collaboration 3)Cloud-native 4)Custom Packages 5)Modular design

    What is RPA? What is Automation Anywhere?

    4 minute demo

    So, what exactly is RPA? And what does Automation Anywhere do? Welcome to the first episode of the Automation Anywhere Innovation Series, where we talk about the world of automation and what RPA – robotic process automation – really is. In this episode, we provide an in-depth explanation of what Robotic Process Automation does, and how Automation Anywhere is redesigning automation to be simple enough for anyone to use

    Why Choose Us ?

    We are the leading automation software solution provider in Malaysia. Our goal is to help our customers to move towards the age of automation to further improve their business efficiency. Furthermore, we use the best platform to develop our automation software robot which is Automation Anywhere. In this current age of automation software technology, Automation Anywhere has been rated as the top automation software robot development platform in the world. In addition to that, we are chosen to be the top representative of IBM Robotic Process Automation partner to further expand the automation software robot businesses in RPA Malaysia market. We hope to serve and provide you the best automation software solution in the future.


    With robotic process automation (RPA) or Automation Anywhere, you can automate anywhere your routine tasks quickly and cost effectively. Moreover, RPA bots can easily integrate with your broader automation initiatives such as process and decision automation, or data capture initiatives. Importantly, Automation anywhere allows business to enhance their daily routine business processes, cutting down time and cost. As a result, business can focus on opening up new business expansion.

    • Accelerate time to value. Create, test and deploy new automation schemes in hours, instead of days or months.
    • Reduce human error. Virtually eliminate all copy-and-paste mistakes that result from swivel-chair integration.
    • Increase throughput. Complete automated tasks in seconds or minutes, around the clock, to deliver higher value for your customers.