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  1. Users are required to bring their own laptops for the 1 day training.
  2. Laptops must have at least 8GB RAM of memory and Operating System of Windows 7 or above.
  3. During Class, the trainer will install Automation Anywhere Program on participant laptop, please provide administrator and/or permission.
  4. Install This version Dot Net Framework:
  5. Install Google Chrome Plugin for Automation Anywhere:
  6. Users are required to have Microsoft Excel
  7. Users are required to have basic programming experience.
  8. Internet Connection is mandatory for the Lab Practical.

Training Introduction

At the end of our training session, users will have knowledge of the stated following details:

  1. Development of a simple software robot to automate simple processes.
  2. The most commonly used functions in Automation Anywhere to automate processes.
  3. Populating data into the system from Excel files using automation.
  4. Automation in Excel.
  5. Extraction of data from PDF documents and populate the extracted data into Excel file.
  6. Data extraction from website.