Property Development Industry: Adoption of Customer Communications Strategy

Property Development Industry: Adoption of Customer Communications Strategy

SL Information Blog:

The time is right for leading players in the Malaysian property development industry to take the step towards more digitization. There are many aspects of business processes that in the past require lots of paper based documentation. In many of these processes the companies rely heavily on Word and Excel. For example letters are often used a common means of communication and business users rely on word. In many situations, the formats and content are not consistent.

A customer communications platform is the solution to help standardize formats and help to retrieve content consistently from designated sources that are controlled by the organization. Electronic signatures can then be appended to these documents and have the delivery done in a multi-channel manner. Delivery via snail mail is getting to be thing of the past as customers prefer to receive content in a multitude of channels such as via email and/ or social media.

Sales and purchase agreements can be generated seamlessly by integrating the customer communications platform to the back office system. Once again, electronic signatures can be used as a medium to conclude the transactions. The electronic documents can then be stored in a document management system for easy retrieval. Other documents such as title of property, quit rent and assessment, photocopy of IC etc. can be scanned into electronic form and stored digitally into the platform.

Business users can access all the required information anytime, anywhere and on any device.

From a marketing perspective, business users can define marketing templates for digital marketing purposes. They can leverage the platform to retrieve content created both internally and externally to be published automatically into the company’s website and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Intagram etc. All these processes are automated thus saving the business cost in marketing their products. It also gives the business an opportunity to create additional touch points with potential customers.