Power Server

Built from the ground-up for data intensive workloads

When data-intensive workloads are the bottom line

If anything is certain about the future, it’s that there will be more complexity, more data to manage and greater pressure to deliver instantly. The hardware you buy should meet today’s expectations and prepare you for whatever comes next.

  • Enterprise cloud-ready. A power systems easily integrate into your organization’s private or hybrid cloud strategy to handle flexible consumption models and changing customer needs.
  • No. 1 in reliability by ITIC. Ranked No. 1 in major reliability category by ITIC*, IBM Power Systems deliver the most reliable on-premises infrastructure to meet around-the-clock customer demands.
  • Industry-leading value and performance. With Power Systems, clients can take advantage of superior core performance and memory bandwidth to deliver both performance and price-performance advantages.

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Introducing the IBM Power Systems enterprise servers for accelerating your cloud infrastructure

POWER9 gives you the reliability you have come to trust from IBM Power Systems, the security you need in today’s high-risk environment, and the innovation to propel your business into the future.

IBM Power System E950

Benefit from blazing performance, extreme agility and industry leading reliability in a compact 4-socket system. It is an ideal platform for growing medium-size businesses and as a departmental server or data center building block for large enterprise.

Power E980

IBM Power System E980

Gain the extraordinary scalability, security, performance and availability for your data centers with cloud deployments for your most demanding AIX®, IBM i and Linux applications. The flexibility of this large enterprise server helps develop a large cloud infrastructure with proven reliability.

Power 9

POWER9 provides the infrastructure foundation for a future-looking organization that is ready to meet today’s business challenges and tomorrow’s advancements. By updating your foundation with the latest POWER9-based servers, you can effectively run your mission critical requirements alongside modern, data intensive workloads.

Increased performance & value

1.5x performance improvement and 2x more memory vs. POWER8.1 1.8x more memory bandwidth per socket and up to 57% lower solution cost vs. x86.2,

Security for mission critical data

Delivered secure with pre-loaded firmware & operating system security patches that mitigate known Meltdown & Spectre vulnerabilities in AIX, IBM i & Linux OS environments.

Industry-leading reliability

IBM servers deliver the highest reliability in the industry for 10 years running — up to 18x more reliable than competitors.

Future-forward AI capabilities

POWER9 connects you to Watson, enabling you to take advantage of AI tools and capabilities like Watson Assistant, Watson Studio, natural language understanding, visual recognition, speech to text, and more.

IBM Power9

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With built-in PowerVM virtualization, next-generation IBM POWER9-based Power Systems servers are cloud-ready, enabling you to deploy the right cloud environment to meet your organization’s needs.

Outlook to the Future: POWER9 by Bill Starke

4 minute demo

POWER9 perspective by Bill Starke, Distinguished Engineer, POWER Server Nest Architect. The video was recorded at IBM Systems Technical University, Prague November 2017

IBM POWER9, 9 is a powerful number

1 minute demo

Promotional video of IBM POWER9. 9 is a powerful number that allows engineers to open up possibilities of data analysis and more