Fast, Responsive and Reliable Mobile Inventory Management

Mobile Inventory Management

MountainTop StockIT is your complete mobile inventory management solution that ensures you have supply chain transparency. The mobile inventory management solution streams data about stock levels, in bound shipments from suppliers and outbound deliveries to customers. Your warehouse and inventory teams will be more responsive in their execution that will result in a higher stock level accuracy. It will also help the business to lower stock holdings over time as your business will be able to plan more effectively, thus reducing stockouts and redundancies due to over stock.

MountainTop StockIT provides for bar code and QR code scanning with the use of Smart Devices. The solution utilizes the device camera to perform flawless continuous scan of bar codes and QR codes. It is able to scan at a distance and under dim lighting. MountainTop StockIT provides for a host of industry standard APIs for integration to ERP systems. With a low start up cost, you can deploy the solution throughout your business quickly and efficiently.

Stock IT Features:

1. Bar code/ QR code scanning during goods receiving

2. Bar code/ QR code scanning during goods putaway in warehouse

3. Bar code/ QR code scanning during shipment despatch

4. Bar code/ QR code scanning during warehouse/ location/ bin transfers

5. Bar code/ QR code scanning during material issues/ returns from production

6. Bar code/ QR code scanning during stock count process

7. Full electronic product catalogue with continuous streaming of inventory availability

8. Continuous streaming of impending goods receiving and shipment despatch

9. Integration with back office ERP with industry standard APIs

10. Multiple warehouse, location and lot number processing

Inbound/Outbound Transaction

View & Check stock details information at any location anytime, anywhere

Cycle Counting

Streamline  inventory cycle count

Goods Shipping & Receiving

Scan bar codes to ship and receive inventory

Transfer Postings

Seamlessly transfer stock from one warehouse, storage or bin to another warehouse


MountainTop Stock IT is the platform that enables your warehouse workforce to record all movement of inventory anytime, anywhere and on any device. The scanning option together with bar code generation enables you to keep inventory records in an effective manner.

MountainTop – StockIT

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With mobile and scanning technology, businesses can now rely on mobile devices to operate their daily business activities such as stock receiving, check and count. Our mobile applications are designed to enhance your operations and it works on all back-end system

Explore MountainTop StockIT

MountainTop StockIT provides a platform for your warehouse team  to better manage the accuracy of inventory. It uses the latest in mobile technology to provide streaming real time information about your products, inventory levels, in bound for receiving and outbound for despatch to your warehouse logistics team. Your warehouse team will have inventory information  anytime, anywhere and on any device.

MountainTop Technology

MountainTop’s StockIT platform is built on Google’s PWA (Progressive Web App) framework. Progressive Web Apps provide us with a unique opportunity to deliver a web experience that users will love. Using the latest web features to bring enhanced capabilities and reliability, Progressive Web Apps allow what we built to be installed by anyone, anywhere, on any device with a single codebase. Using progressive enhancement, new capabilities are enabled in modern browsers. Using service workers and a web app manifest, your web application becomes reliable and installable.