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Mobile Data Collection In Manufacturing

MountainTop MakeIT is the solution to help manufacturing companies transition from paper-base system to paperless electronic system for data collection. Mobile data collection enables plant employees to track the activities of all manufacturing processes in real time and to ensure manufacturing processes remain uninterrupted.

MountainTop MakeIT helps to reduce the necessity of manually transferring information from papers to a computer database, in order to minimize errors.

MakeIT Features:

1. Employee Scanning – Start job and End Job

2. Production reporting quantity by manufacturing sequence

3. Wastage Reporting

4. Maintenance Stoppage

5. Bar Code/QR Code Job Card

6. Bar Code/QR Code scanning with smartphones

7. Integration with ERP system using APIs


MountainTop Make IT is the platform that enables your production workforce to scan and report production related information anytime, anywhere and on any device. Automating data collection helps you manage your shop floor is an even more effective way.

Work Order

Monitor products to be manufactured, work centre, job sequence & production worker allocation

Manufacturing WIP

Track your WIP on a real time basis as production info

Production Transactions

Reporting of manufacturing order is performed online in real time basis, start and end time

Real-time Info & Updates

Get latest updates and monitor the progress of manufacturing from front to back end with latest real-time data