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Electronic Document & Record Management

MountainTop EDRM is a software platform for organizing and storing different kinds of documents. The MountainTop EDRM platform is a general storage system that helps users to organize and store digital content. MountainTop EDRM is a platform that includes business process automation, records management and many types of content storage.

In order to provide good classification for digital content, MountainTop EDRM rely on a detailed process for content storage including various elements of metadata. The metadata around a piece of content will provide easy access to key details that will help those who are searching archives to find what they need, whether by chronology, topic, keywords or other associative strategies.

In many cases, the specific content for original storage protocols is a major part of what makes an electronic document management system so valuable to a business or organization.

EDRM Features:

1. Scalable and centralized content storage

2. Version control and collaborative editing

3. Access control and tagging

4. Metadata management

5. Federated searches across the entire platform

6. Managing document, records and content lifecycles

7. Internal and external file sharing

8. Document history management and system audit

9. Content lifecycle management

Enhanced Security & Collaboration

better access to sensitive documents & collaboration with workflow

Document Retrieval

Retrieval tool that can be accessed anytime anywhere

Regulatory Compliance

With regulations that require a minimum of 7 years retention of contents

Backup & disaster recovery

Highly traceable & can be tracked using a range of criteria


Price starts from MYR 6,000.00 annual subscription per annum for a pack of 10 named users.

Businesses that choose to invest in MountainTop Electronic Document Management System provide themselves with the foundation to help streamline workflows and scale business-critical processes. Here are the top benefits of implementing MountainTop EDRM for your business.

MountainTop – EDRM

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Businesses that choose to invest in MountainTop Electronic Document Management System provide themselves with the foundation to help streamline workflows and scale business-critical processes. Here in this video, you can explore the top benefits of implementing MountainTop

Benefits of MountainTop EDRM

1. Enhanced security – MountainTop EDRM provides better security over the access of sensitive documents. Such documents can be controlled by groups or individuals that have the designated security clearance. An audit trail is provided detailing who has viewed the document, when it was accessed and how it may have been changed. Managed content are highly traceable and manageable to minimize leakages.

2. Regulatory compliance – Compliance requirements can be quite complex as non-conformance can lead to fines, revocation of licenses and criminal liability. Malaysia Bank Negara regulations require a minimum of 7 years retention of content related to financial records of a company; thus requiring strict security privacy guidelines. MountainTop EDRM reduces the risk of non-compliance as records retention can be automated.

3. Document retrieval – Searching and retrieving content can be very time consuming. MountainTop EDRM provides for a powerful content retrieval tool – where content can be retrieved by a word or a phrase in a document. MountainTop EDRM also provides the opportunity to access content remotely. As long as there is an internet connection, documents can be accessed anywhere at any time.

4. Better collaboration – The ability to quickly access content and collaborate is greatly simplified with MountainTop EDRM. Documents captured from different sources can be accessed from multiple locations. Secure share makes sharing of content over a network via email plausible. The system provides greater visibility to business processes and allow for better workflow monitoring.

5. Backup and disaster recovery – An electronic document management system like MountainTop EDRM includes processes for backup and disaster recovery. As all content are digitized, backup becomes simplified versus traditional paper document. It is difficult to protect paper from fire, flood and other disasters. With MountainTop EDRM, documents are highly traceable and can be tracked using a range of criteria. Document tracking capabilities reduce the likelihood for documents to be lost or misfiled after viewing.