Buy From Your Suppliers With Open Tenders & More


MountainTop BuyIT is a complete end to end solution for electronic sourcing and procurement. Sourcing facilitates the full life cycle of procurement by providing analysis of a spend of a company. eSourcing is used to process electronically vendor registration, consolidation of proposals and quotations from various suppliers into a common platform for ease of evaluation. MountainTop BuyIT provides tools to facilitate the internal buyer and the external supplier with communication of requirements and the contracting process. MountainTop BuyIT helps the internal buyer to identify qualified suppliers for products and services that they intend to procure, pre-negotiate terms and conditions and to evaluate proposals and quotations submitted electronically.

BuyIT Features:

1. Raising purchase requisitions

2. Selecting items from a product catalogue

3. Routing for PR approval with multi-level capabilities

4. Budget Checks

5. Supplier/Vendor Portal

6. Vendor Self Registration & Service

7. Sourcing

8. Vendor Evaluation

9. Work Flow

10. Integration with ERP via APIs


MountainTop Buy IT is the platform that empower your workforce and vendors. It allows customers to digitize purchase requisitions and sourcing process more effectively. Employees can now track and receive updates from their vendor.

Vendor Self Service Reg

Vendor evaluation with weight assignment. Search & Allocate qualified vendors

Back-End Integration

Integration makes simpler with API’s

RFI, RFQ & RFP Evaluation

Assignment of weightage to each evaluation with collaboration from members

Online Purchase Requisition

Create sourcing events based on requisitions. Events include RFI, RFQ and EFP