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What is Medius Accounts Payable Automation?

Medius Accounts Payable provides a solutions to enhance the Accounts Payable process by introducing automation to handle the required tasks. With Medius AP Automation, turn manual, hard-copy invoices into digital workflows. Manage and make payment of invoices on time, reduce risk of fraud and payment errors, improve compliance, and enhance your working capital.

Solution Overview


Smart Integration to Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Infor and many more

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Use Speed Data to Make
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Paperless Invoices


Improved Operations

An Integrated procure to pay

Intelligent invoice and touchless data capture

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Why Medius Accounts Payable Automation Software?


By using Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, optical capture, and other technologies, Medius Accounts Payable Automation solution will electronically capture, digitize, and process invoices within our unique accounts payable platforms – regardless of their format.


Stop inefficient, manual invoice processes that increase the risk of fraud and payment errors, limit data insights and analytics, and prevent teams from getting work done. Discover the difference that top accounts payable automation software could make to your team.


There’s a reason why accounts payable workflow automation is soaring in popularity. All invoice data – from supplier details to payments – are synchronized from your ERP or accounting system to the Medius AP automation platform, ensuring accurate information across the procure-to-pay lifecycle.

AP is prone for excessive cost and fraud. Take control.

Common challenges you face

  • 45% of invoices have exceptions requiring manual intervention*
  • 57% of finance professionals say the invoice and payment process takes too long*
  • Less than half of organizations can measure key AP metrics*
  • Manual processes cannot be managed in a work-from-home environment

*Source: Ardent Partners: The State of ePayables Report 2021 

Integrate Medius AP Automation with your back-office

Rapidly bring together your back-office and third-party systems using Medius Connect. It features:

Out of the box connectors for major ERP systems means a rapid and predictable implementation. Native embedded capture means a single user interface to manage all invoices from initial input to final approval

Seamless integration with our modular solutions – such as Medius Pay – to complete, initiate, and manage payments, Medius Contract Management to tie contracts to payment agreements, and of course Medius Procurement to ensure employees order the right goods and services up front and invoices can be automatically matched without issue.