Infor M3 for Large Enterprise



Infor M3 Manufacturing features::

  1. Quality control & alerts
  2. Centralized procurement spending
  3. Capacity planning
  4. Job shop, production cell & flow manufacturing support
  5. Hybrid manufacturing support
  6. Rules-based Configurator
  7. Master planning & detailed order planning


Food & Beverage

M3 enables Food & Beverage companies to respond rapidly to changes in customer demands.

  1. Manage ingredients with characteristics such as grade, brix, fat, moisture & weight
  2. Down-to-the-minute planning
  3. Specification Management with advanced quality & laboratory processes
  4. Reverse Bills & Catch Weight
  5. Graphical Lot Tracker for transparency & rapid traceability


Building Material / Construction

Building materials (BMAT) distributors like to hold enough inventory to supply customers as the seasons change.

  1. Supply chain collaboration
  2. Project cost and margin management
  3. Business Automation
  4. Claims/Claims/Subcontractor management



Explore Infor M3 Fashion solution with features on:

  1. Flexible style/color/size/fit matrix + inventory characteristics
  2. Handling of style & non-style items
  3. Global Inventory Management to support omni-channel
  4. Product Configuration for embellishment, personalization & make-to-order
  5. Support for pre-packs & kitting


Chemicals / Steel

Infor M3 chemicals features with industry-specific challenges. Explore now

  1. Advanced Quality Management: Customer Specifications
  2. Lot Traceability to quickly identify contaminated product
  3. Potency of raw and intermediate materials
  4. Lot Level Attributes enable planning, stock, quality & pricing


Wholesale Distribution

Explore wholesale and distribution features:

  1. Multichannel Sales, Supply Chain Execution, and integrated Financial Management
  2. Price management, promotions, ship, and debit
  3. Built-in CRM & POS integration
  4. Front-office applications for over-the-counter sales and e-commerce
  5. Value Added Services: Kitting, assembly, ticketing, packing, and rental


  • Overview

    Infor M3 is an ERP solution for medium to large national and global companies

  • Infor M3 Customers

    1. Lam Soon
    2. Etika
    3. Oriental Food
    4. FFM
    5. Ann Joo
    6. JK Jiseng

About Infor M3


nfor M3 is designed for large companies that make, move, or maintain products. This robust, international, multi-site solution offers a rich user experience that allows you to make faster, smarter decisions. Infor M3 delivers ultimate flexibility in operations, technology, and scale, empowering your organization to easily adapt to changing business needs. It provides flexibility in managing mixed-mode and complex environments, with the agility to make quick adjustments at any time.

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Infor M3 Enhancements & Technology

Industry Enhancements

  • Fresh Food Planner
  • Infor Fashion PLM
  • Counter Sales for Distribution
  • CRM for Equipment
  • Marketing Programs and Rebates for Equipment
  • Improved ship and debit capabilities in Distribution
  • New Laboratory and Quality Control module
  • Integration to other SL Optimizers


  • New platform for faster time to market
  • Increased usability and less need for modifications
  • Six certified ION process integrations and growing
  • Simple upgrade from all older M3 versions


  • Java-based for hardware and database independence
  • Intuitive interface built for best user experience
  • Multi-site, multi-company, multi-country
  • multi-currency, and multi-language
  • Built-in flexibility allows you to configure the solution to meet your unique business processes
Gartner Review

Single-Instance ERP for Product-Centric Midmarket Companies

Infor M3 Experience

Infor M3 – Stunning User Experience

M3 delivers Infor’s next-generation user interface. Using the power of HTML5 technology, users can securely access data through a wide range of browsers and devices. Personalization capabilities allow screens to be tailored to the specific needs and preferences of individual user roles.

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Infor M3 – Built For Digital Age

Designed for medium to large national and global manufacturers and distributors, Infor M3 gives you the flexibility to manage mixed-mode and complex value chains. You get an unmatched user experience, industry-specific functionality, and flexible deployment options in a multi-company, multi-country, and multisite enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. With M3, your organization is empowered to quickly adapt as industry trends change, business models transform, and your business grows.

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