Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

SL Information Blog:

Factories are now deploying technology through connected devices such as mobile computing, bar code scanning, RFID, wearables, sensors, shelf beacons etc. as part of the Industry 4.0 initiative. This increase of devices linked into manufacturing is leading to a surge in data collection. More data means more opportunities for analysis. Having more performance insights is one of the ends manufacturers are seeking with the industry 4.0 initiative. Automating data collection is one of the main priorities of manufacturers today.

It is also imperative that a strong back office system is available to simply data analysis as an enabler for better decision making. This type of integration provide real time visibility of operations, work in progress and stock positions. This next level of improvement provides manufacturers unprecedented visibility and impressive cost efficiencies while delivering better quality goods to their customers.

MountainTop’s range of mobile application for inventory scanning and manufacturing reporting together with PRONTO ERP is the perfect integrated combo for your manufacturing operations. The solution provides not only data capture but complete analysis of the data with IBM Cognos Business Intelligence. With the massive amount of data collected, a pre-configured out of the box solution allows your manufacturing operations to hit the ground running immediately after deployment. There is no requirement to build data models for analysis as all the models are available as a standard deployment.

From capturing data on your manufacturing floor to your warehouse, you can further expand mobile data capture to your sales force with MountainTop OrderIT. MountainTop OrderIT is a complete sales force automation solution allowing your field sales users to collect data using their mobile devices. They also have complete visibility of data from the back office allowing more meaningful customer interactions while in the field.