Financials and Accounting

Financials and Accounting

The financial system of a business is often one of the core areas for all businesses.

As your business grows, demands can rapidly increase in complexity; as a result, you need to have a clear view of financial performance, across the business and help to quickly qualify opportunities by assessing their financial merits. New legislative requirements, such as sales and service tax (SST), make it necessary for a business to roll-out process changes in order to achieve compliance – by the deadline. Without the right and effective tools, navigating all these demands can become challenging and time-consuming.

General Ledgers

Record, sort and analyze all the financial transactions of your business to fully understand the financial implications of your activities. Our powerful and flexible General Ledger solution gives your team real-time access to the accurate, financial reports needed to support strategic decision making – while protecting sensitive data with role-based permissions.

Fixed Assets

Manage assets from acquisition through to disposal with this dynamic tool. See trends across the bigger picture or look deeper into individual transactions. Plus, the asset register transactions are automatically posted to General Ledger offering an instant level of visibility.

Accounts Receivable

Take control of sales across  wholesale, retail, service, project management or manufacturing transactions are automatically processed to Accounts Receivable with real-time postings to the General Ledger.

Accounts Payable

Manage supplier accounts with a transparent view of all arrangements, transactions and approval levels. This flexible tool can be applied to almost any environment including retail, manufacturing and mining – and is fully integrated with General Ledger and Purchasing.

Resource Management

Take control of planning and management of human and non-human resources with our resource management tool. This flexible tool gives complete oversight of all your human and non-human resources to ensure each is being used to their capacity.