Digitally Transform Your Sales

Digitally Transform Your Sales

SL Information Blog:

Some companies in Malaysia are leaning onto digital technologies to fortify their customer experience (CX) during the Covid-10 pandemic. This strong tailwind have accelerated the adoption of digital channels as the preferred sales channel. Companies that adapted their journeys to accommodate customer preferences for digital channels throughout the pandemic have thrived. According to Accenture Research, globally, 53% of leading companies said their customers are expecting them to regularly innovate with more products and services. For example, Signet Jewelers earned plaudits for offering video sales consultations to its customers and beauty brand Estee Lauder doubled down on augmented reality (AR) to enable consumers virtually “try on” makeup. Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger brand PVH boosted e-commerce sales by prioritizing ship-from-store capabilities and mobile website conversion, while Ralph Lauren digitized its store experiences.

Understanding customer sentiments about digital touch-points will solve some business issues related to sales for your business to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies. Data that you have collected within your internal systems and social media will provide insights into how your customers have been interacting with your employees in your business. As many of us are still working from home, customers often have difficulty connecting with your employees and a digital channel would be ideal to overcome this inconvenience.

Many companies often start of sales digital transformation with a tech-first approach – this often misses the purpose of digital transformation. Most often, organizations are stuck with their legacy culture and processes and uses technology to build on top of it. While they maybe investing in innovative technologies, they are actually lagging or failing to respond to their customers expectations. Many companies in Malaysia have cultures and that “politics, ego and fear are the main obstacles to achieving the collaboration and solidarity needed within companies to make the changes digital consumers want.”

Establishing and offering a digital channel to your customers requires a strategy that offers a great customer experience during their journey with your business. It is necessary to reduce friction when your customers utilize your digital platform. Therefore it is necessary to create a great customer experience in order to gain the trust of your customers buyers so that they will choose your digital platform as their preferred channel.

A positive experience encourages customers to spend more. Poor customer experience drives brand switching and the majority of customers who suffer a bad customer experience spread negative word of mouth. Your business requires a vision for customer centricity and that customer experience is embedded into the company culture. It is important to show commitment – being enthusiastic about satisfying customers and making them feel valued. Companies committed to customer experience excellence should be passionate about their customers to the point that customers recognize the brand’s efforts in going the extra mile. These extras drive differentiation yet are usually small actions and have a low cost to implement.

Customer journeys are complex and with the on going pandemic, it has become even tougher to gain traction and momentum. In order to provide excellent customer experience, a commitment is needed at the core of what your business do, how things get done and ultimately who it is done in that fashion.

SL Information Solutions is a provider of digital platform for sales. We have enabled our customers to be digitally competent and continue to sell via their digital channel during the pandemic.