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PRONTO Cloud ERP is the leading Award Winning solution from PRONTO Software Australia. Our solution have been deployed across various industries such as wholesale distribution, manufacturing, construction and retail. We have been delivering quality solutions to our customers for more than 25 years with our team members that has both application and industry experience across a myriad of business sizes.


From lean manufacturing processes that align the people, processes and technology in your organisation, to full lights out smart factories operated completely by robots; no matter what you’re manufacturing, efficiency is everything. Taking advantage of the cost saving benefits of Industry 4.0 requires a complete end-to-end view of production, greater information transparency and systems that connect and communicate seamlessly.

Pronto Xi includes a range of manufacturing-specific modules. These simplify complex workflows, offer efficiency gains, provide additional flexibility around working locations and ensure greater collaboration. With improved visibility of the full product production cycle and the ability to make production updates in real time, you are more agile, adaptable and better able to meet customer demands for innovation.

PRONTO Xi Manufacturing helps you to manage the following processes:

  1. Bills of Material management
  2. Inventory and warehouse management
  3. Material Requirement Planning
  4. Production Scheduling
  5. Shop Floor Control
  6. Quality management

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To understand which growth and cost opportunities are worth exploring requires visibility across your entire distribution business.

This is impossible if your systems remain siloed, and your people in the field remain isolated. Pronto Xi’s suite of modules work seamlessly to provide you with a real-time view of all activity across your business, no matter where your team are operating. Pronto Software can help you assess your current capacity while supporting your need to scale with accurate sales and inventory forecasting, providing the flexibility you need for future growth

PRONTO Distribution helps you to manage the following processes:

  1. Sales management
  2. Delivery management
  3. Inventory and warehouse management
  4. Purchasing management


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Malaysian retailers are rising to the challenge and exploring ways to respond to growing customer expectation for always on, always there service. For many this requires the transformation of legacy systems and processes and the effective integration of digital to provide the consistent and personalised experience across all touchpoints their customers demand. At the same time, there is the challenge of negotiating sometimes competing and complex customer expectations around data privacy. So the question remains; how can you be agile and nimble in creating experiences customers value, without the insights that show you which way to move?

Pronto Xi is the first step to creating an omni-channel ecosystem with data analytics that help you understand what’s behind purchase decisions. This fuels improved optimisation of pricing, product and marketing promotions. Pronto Xi offers a fully integrated, end-to-end solution that brings together critical customer data, real-time sales information, e-commerce and tools such as Point of Sale (POS) to support your teams, for an improved customer experience.

PRONTO Xi Retail helps you to manage the following processes:

  1. Category management
  2. Franchise management
  3. Loyalty program
  4. Promotions management
  5. Inventory and warehouse management
  6. Financial management

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Profitability within the construction and engineering industry relies very heavily on efficiency. It requires effective forecasting to help manage the demand and pricing of materials, finding the balance between full time vs contractor staff to control labour costs. Flexibility and reliability have become critical in this industry. The need to be able to scale up and down quickly depending on your volume of work while delivering a reliably high standard of work to ensure you can maintain long term contracts.

Pronto Xi handles the full life cycle of activities for the construction and civil works industries in a way that is simple, intuitive and efficient, from accurate quoting and cost management of contracts, to resource management, invoicing, financial insights and more.

PRONTO Xi EC&O helps you to manage the following processes:

  1. Tender management
  2. Project cost and margin management
  3. Subcontractor management
  4. Billing management
  5. Claims management
  6. VO management

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PRONTO Xi Service Management has become the backbone of service industries of all kinds from facilities management to healthcare services, transport and logistics, information technology and heavy equipment. PRONTO Xi Service Management is designed to administer your business from Financial Management to Field Service.

PRONTO Xi Service Management helps you to manage the following processes:

  1. Service Contract
  2. Field Service
  3. Spare parts management
  4. Rental management
  5. Financial management

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About Pronto


ronto is modular software, which means you can build it around your business – not the other way round. As your business grows, so too does the software running it. Constantly adapting to new challenges to reveal new insights.

The Pronto Cloud ERP’s easy upgrade path means you can add modules to your existing system as soon as you need them. The Cloud ERP is also platform-independent, so you can choose the most cost-effective option for your business. This flexibility is vital for maintaining consistency and accuracy as your business grows. Whether you are a solo act or a cast of thousands, Our Cloud ERP service makes sure you have everything you need, as soon as you need it.

Here in Malaysia, our cloud solution has been serving over >100 customers. SL Information is the core partner for Pronto Cloud Malaysia. We have built our knowledge around the focus industries to ensure our customers stay & expand.

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Pronto Technology


Pronto Xi comprises a technology stack consisting of dozens of modern-languages including Angular JS, XML, JQuery, Java, Google Closure, MVC Framework (Mithril), RESTful web-services, HTML5 (CSS), and many more to deliver a modern platform for the growing business.

Pronto Xi offers mobile solutions built using latest web and mobile technologies such as Ruby on Rails and designed to take advantage of latest HTML5 web standards.

Pronto Connect is an industry-standard web services architecture that utilises latest web-services standards such as RESTful APIs that helps you integrate applications and platforms with Pronto Xi.

Pronto Xi modules to exactly fit your needs. Our software adapts to your business needs & processes, not the other way around. Where other competitors force heavy customisations that are both expensive & difficult to upgrade, Pronto makes application-level customisations straightforward.

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Pronto Intelligence

Pronto – Business Intelligence

It speeds up the decision-making process, BI Manager gives business managers & executives the ability to quickly & easily compile & author reports. BI Designer makes it easier for professional report authors to perform more complex reporting duties.

It’s easier to produce more engaging reports because charts, links and lists, as well as non-Business Intelligence components such as images & logos, can be incorporated.

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Tool Tip, just because we can

Pronto – Alert Intelligence

Pronto – Alert Intelligence provides automated alerts to notify your staff when something has happened in your business, no matter where they are in the world. Select events to trigger notifications of who should be notified, and specify the action that should be taken. When an event takes place, Pronto Xi will automatically carry out your instructions.

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