Automation In Consumer Goods

Automation In Consumer Goods

SL Information Blog:

Malaysian consumer goods leaders today may not be tomorrow if they do not embrace digital and automation capabilities that are powering transformation globally in their industry. Many companies opt to delay embracing the journey as they fear uncertainty in 2019 and are not willing to bet sufficient funds to get such initiatives off the ground. Many of the global consumer goods giants have stalled in terms of growth; smaller companies enabled by digital and automation are the leading the growth.

This growth is shaped by the use of onmi-channel sales and marketing, personalizing products, using new digital business models, adding unique customer experience in the buying process and catering for niche requirements. These smaller companies are harnessing the use of robust digital and analytical tools in order to storm ahead.

Computer vision technology and application can automate an entire process of from factory to shelves. The days of delivering happiness starts with the following:

  1. Sensors capture quantities of products that are being manufactured
  2. The online information is then deciphered at packaging to determine the number of cartons to be packed
  3. Barcode scanning using augmented reality helps to put-away goods into the right location
  4. Digital picking requirements are available online on mobile devices and with multi-scan using mobile applications, all the right products are picked for delivery
  5. Augmented reality scan ensures that the right products are loaded into the right transport to be delivered to the right location
  6. Upon arrival at the delivery location, multi-scan is used together with electronic signature to ensure that the right products are received by the customer
  7. At the retail store, multi-scan is used to replenish shelf and the necessary shelf stock balance is updated online to ensure that re-ordering processes can be automated should the re-order point level is reached

This is an illustration how computer vision can be used to automate a string of processes that was once clunky, slow and prone to errors.

A customer communications platform can be leveraged for digital marketing and used as a means of touching your customers in a wide variety of ways. Your marketing team is focused on creating content, while the platform automates the delivery of the communication. Electronic communication of documents such as delivery order, invoice and product catalogues can be automated and delivered via a multitude of channels such as email, web, mobile and social media Similarly all consumer marketing content can be delivered in such as fashion as well. As content creation is centralized, the information disseminated will be accurate and consistent regardless of the channel.

Stay ahead of the change, pivot your company towards automation and augmentation technologies. Some traditional ones will survive but many will be unrecognizable in as little as three years. Driving future growth in consumer products means embracing digital.