Optimity Overview

Optimity’s basic idea is to deliver a new type of modern planning tool that is easy to use, extremely flexible, and that offers clear economic value by identifying the plans giving you the optimal balance between demand, resource utilization and total cost.  Optimity can be used together with any ERP.

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Optimity Demand Supply Balance

Optimity is built in the latest technology (Windows 64-bit) and utilizes best – of- breed components available in the market, for everything from the user interface (dashboards and pivot tables) to more advanced components, such as engines for forecasting and optimization. This gives us a flexible platform that is simple to use, future proof, and easy to develop further.


  • Leverage on mathematical optimization
  • Findings the best possible answer to the questions; “what”, “where”, and “when” should we:
  1. Produce
  2. Purchase
  3. Transport
  4. Stock
  • In order to minimize costs / maximize delivery service while respecting capacity constraints, business rules and priorities by customers and products.
  • Ultra-flexible interface for both user and data. User-configured dashboards and pivot tables for a user-friendly system that offers great visibility.

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Demand Forecasting

A tool for collaborative forecasting of expected sales. Automatically evaluates and selects the best possible algorithms to use for each item over time. The calculated forecast can then be adjusted based on the sales department’s knowledge about market trends, planned activities, competitors’ actions, the general economy, etc


  1. Improved forecast accuracy (and thus lower inventories/ higher service level) through automatic detection of seasonal variations, trends and the most suitable algorithm for each product
  2. Improved forecast accuracy through collaborative planning, where each salesperson or similar role is able to easily review and adjust the statistical forecast on detailed and aggregated level
  3. Promotion management
  4. Reduced administration by a highly automated forecasting process
  5. Efficient review of the overall ability to meet forecasted demand, over-/underutilization of production resources, availability of material, supplier capability and the optimal product mix and customer demand allocation.

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Supply Chain Optimizer

A tool for both sales and operations planning on a tactical level, where the sales and supply sides agree on the best possible operations plan, as well as for operative master scheduling of purchasing, production, inventory and distribution, both on a short and long time horizon. The objective in both types of planning is to find the plans that meet the demand while respecting all existing constraints, at the lowest possible total cost in the supply chain.

  1. Improved overall plans that are better synchronized between different departments, with the objective of having ONE plan for the whole company
  2. Ideal stock building plans to meet seasonal variations in demand and/ or capacity, while respecting shelf life constraints and inventory costs
  3. Systemization of planners’ knowledge and experience
  4. Automatic import and export of data only between Optimity and ERP
  5. Optimized production batch sizes and minimized set-up costs
  6. Automatic evaluation by Optimity whether it its financially sound to engage over-time shift/ extra personnel/ sub-contractor when demand is high
  7. What-if simulations, e.g. the consequences from a new contract, disruptions in supply, etc.
  8. Automatic determination of the best way to catch up after a machine breakdown
  9. Better purchasing planning:

– Reduce inventory and shortage costs
– Evaluate quantity dependent prices & discounts
– Determine ideal suppliers for sourcing
– Reduce transport costs by increased fill-rates of containers and trucks
– Automated process, planner focus on managing the exception

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Infor M3 easily extends to best-in-class applications that are unified by a common platform and a stunning user interface. Maintain agility and simplify user adoption with software that is fast, intuitive, and enjoyable to use.

  • Supply Chain Management by Optimity