Steel & Metal Processing Overview

The steel and metal processing industry has always found it difficult to use item or SKU based ERP solutions efficiently. These process-based industries have divergent process flows, where various grades or products are produced with different attributes rather than quantities of discrete items. The many semi-finished and end products involved need distinct attribute definition. This requires a system like Infor M3 that uses attribute management to define, trace and reclassify steel & metal products across the business flow.

A large number of products, grades or attributes and process steps are managed in the steel and metal processing industry. The more complex the steel manufacturing system, the more there is to gain from better planning and greater efficiencies for each process step.  The solution will help to streamline operations, optimize processes, and better predict customer demand, while controlling costs and improving the accuracy of your inventory, shipping, and shop floor scheduling.

“We needed a system that was flexible and agile—one that was able to respond to changes in the market and within our business.  If an organization doesn’t have the information it needs at its fingertips, then it can’t respond to customer needs.” – NS BlueScope


Steel Infor M3

Key industry functionality :

  • Attribute Management
  • Freight Costing
  • Long Decimal Handling
  • Reverse Bills of Materials
  • Coils Management
  • Yield Management
  • Scrap Control Management
  • Attribute-based Pricing
  • Credit Control and Risk Management
  • Product Configurator
  • Shipment / Transport Management
  • Integrated Plant Maintenance
  • Lot Management & Traceability
  • Shelf Life & Expiry Date Planning
  • Inventory Ageing
  • Standard, Average & Actual costing
  • Quality Management
  • Stock Commitments (pre-allocation)


Company Profile

Sector: Steel Manufacturing
Industry: Steel and Metal

Company Profile

Sector: Steel Manufacturing
Industry: Steel and Metal

Years of Experience

More than 25 years

Employee Size

More than 80 highly professional colleagues

Dedicated Teams

Mobile, Infrastructure & Supply Chain Team

Support & Customercare

Dedicated Support Team

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Here are the main key modules for Infor M3 FMCG solution:

SL Awards

SL Information has been awarded with numerous outstanding awards. To name a few, 

  1. IBM ASEAN Top Partner
  2. Pronto Top Partner

SL RoadMap

In SL, we have a road map for our customers to upgrade and to enhance their productivity and process workflows. We have teams in mobile application and infrastructure to help expand our customers’ IT transformation.

SL Community

We works closely with our customers on their needs and requirements. Our marketing team continuously seeks feedback and also provide updates to our customers. As a result, they are always well-informed on the latest technological trends.

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Infor M3 Fully Supports Supply Chain Management by Optimity