Retail Solution Overview

PRONTO Xi Retail is the solution that provides you all the functionality for a single system to serve your omni-channel strategy. One set of inventory for both store front and on-line store. One set of CRM data for your loyalty program. Coupled with PRONTO Xi Business Analytics, you can further dissect all the Big Data that you collect and make meaningful understanding of it.

PRONTO Xi Retail Solution is fully integrated with the following modules:

  1. PRONTO Xi Financials  – AR, AP, GL and FA
  2. PRONTO Xi POS Retail – POS, Inventory Management, Purchase Order Management, Customer Relationship Management
  3. PRONTO XI BI – IBM COGNOS Business Analytics


PRONTO Xi is powered by IBM’s Informix RDBMS giving your retail business a world class robust database to manage all your data. PRONTO Xi Retail is best run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform, a cost effective and robust OpenSource platform for your retail business.

Lack of integration between storefront and back office impacting on your business?

Simplicity, Security, Reliability

In today’s retail environment, security is a key issue. Pronto-Xi supports sophisticated role based security policies as part of its Retail module. Operational information, such as cost of goods, can be enabled for store managers, but hidden from other staff.

Pronto Xi’s Easy POS screens automatically scale to match your POS hardware. Importantly, Easy POS includes per-lane configurable workflow and the solution itself is unmatched flexibility and performance from front-end to back-end.

Accelerated ROI

Pronto-Xi Retail creates a cost-effective business environment where the sales interaction is simpler, more secure and extremely efficient. Innovative POS technology, from back-end to front-end, coupled with our specialized support will see your retail solution growing with your business

Real-time Integration

At the storefront, Pronto Xi Retail is designed to allow your staff to focus on customer rather than just mechanics of the transaction. With simple touches to the system, sales staff can process  cash transactions or determine product availability from inter-store, insta-store and warehouse stock levels in real time. Sales and Inventory can be viewed instantly across multiple locations and platforms.

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