PRONTO  Overview

Pronto is modular software, which means you can build it around your business – not the other way round. As your business grows, so too does the software running it. Constantly adapting to new challenges to reveal new insights.

The Pronto ERP’s easy upgrade path means you can add modules to your existing system as soon as you need them.

The ERP  is also platform-independent, so you can choose the most cost-effective option for your business.

This flexibility is vital for maintaining consistency and accuracy as your business grows. Whether you’re a solo act or a cast of thousands, Our ERP makes sure you have everything you need, as soon as you need it.

Here in Malaysia, Our solution has been serving over >100 customers. SL Information is the core partner for Pronto Malaysia and Australia . We have built our knowledge around the focus industries to ensure our customers stay ahead of the game.

GST Compliance

We are the advanced vendor with subsidies GST accounting software for Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) (revised as at 7 March 2017)


Pronto Technology

Cloud, web, mobile and integration ready

We select the right technologies to ensure our solution is always capable to support our customers’ business expansions. Our software allows you to mobilize your staff, to get connected anytime, anywhere and to adapt to your business needs and processes.

PRONTO is designed to work on multiple platforms and databases. It also provides a platform that supports “Go Green” initiatives. With TrueFrom, you have multi-channel distribution for all your documents. Not only PRONTO Xi provides tools to enhance the user interface to suit your business processes but also tools that will help your business users query the database for critical information with ease.

Industry Support

Module Support

  • Finance
  • Distribution
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Manufacturing


  • Asset & Facilities Management
  • Monitor
  • Analyze
  • Report


Whether you’re an engineer to order manufacturer or a discrete manufacturer, accelerating customer demands in a rush order climate, ever increasing product variety and complex materials management, manufacturers today are looking to improve yields and better manage their production lines. PRONTO Xi Manufacturing provides a rich functionality to help you manage your manufacturing operations in an optimal manner.

PRONTO Xi Manufacturing helps you to manage the following processes:

  1. Bills of Material management
  2. Inventory and warehouse management
  3. Material Requirement Planning
  4. Production Scheduling
  5. Shop Floor Control
  6. Quality management

Extra Info

Engineering Construction & Operators

PRONTO Xi EC&O is a fully integrated solution that supports the Malaysian EC&O industry. From bidding through tender to execution of a project, PRONTO Xi EC&O is designed to help you to be profitable organization.

PRONTO Xi EC&O helps you to manage the following processes:

  1. Tender management
  2. Project cost and margin management
  3. Subcontractor management
  4. Billing management
  5. Claims management
  6. VO management

Bondor Case Study


The fully integrated Pronto Xi Retail modules support Malaysian retailer initiatives towards an omni-channel ecosystem. From point-of-sale to e-commerce and beyond, Pronto Xi Retail is designed to help you nurture your customers and minimise the costs per transaction.

PRONTO Xi Retail helps you to manage the following processes:

  1. Category management
  2. Franchise management
  3. Loyalty program
  4. Promotions management
  5. Inventory and warehouse management
  6. Financial management

Wholesale Distribution

With PRONTO Distribution, you can do more with less. PRONTO Distribution is a scalable and integrated solution that helps your business take on the omni-channel distribution strategy that is prevailing in the marketplace today. You can better innovate and reduce cost with PRONTO Distribution.

PRONTO Distribution helps you to manage the following processes:

  1. Sales management
  2. Delivery management
  3. Inventory and warehouse management
  4. Purchasing management

Parksite Case Study

Field Service and Rental

PRONTO Xi Service Management has become the backbone of service industries of all kinds from facilities management to healthcare services, transport and logistics, information technology and heavy equipment. PRONTO Xi Service Management is designed to administer your business from Financial Management to Field Service.

PRONTO Xi Service Management helps you to manage the following processes:

  1. Service Contract
  2. Field Service
  3. Spare parts management
  4. Rental management
  5. Financial management