MountainTop Mobility Overview

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the future and it is going to be integrated with our daily lives. Mobility and Mobile App Business are a big factor behind this drive. Companies are beginning to discover how it can be used to increase their sales and create an efficient business environment. MountainTop Mobility App is a series of business applications developed to help you take advantage of this phenomenon. Our Mobile business App solution offers a wide variety of applications to cater your daily business activities. We also do specific mobile customization for your specific needs. 

MountainTop Order IT

MountainTop Order IT is the platform to enable your mobile sales force to tap on mobile technology. Your sales team will now have access to real time information about your product catalogue, inventory levels, price list, customer details such as sales trends, receivables etc. Your sales team will be able to enter sales quotations and orders anytime, anywhere and on any mobile devices.

1. Summary and detailed customer ageing analysis for sales person

2. Actual sales achievement versus target tracking for sales person

3. Stock availability check, with multiple warehouses

4. Stock image view

5. Quick order taking and check-out process

6. Price check

7. Complete order history tracking

8. Adopts standard Pronto “Warehouse” and “Rep” filtering


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MountainTop Make IT

MountainTop Make IT is the platform that enables your production workforce to scan and report production related information anytime, anywhere and on any device. Automating data collection helps you manage your shop floor is an even more effective way.

  1. Record production start and end time accurately
  2. Good tracking on factory operator performance
  3. Record work order downtime start and end
  4. Minimize input error

5. Capture up-to-date production status

6. Allow Pronto have up-to-date inventory status upon completion of production

7. Cut short turn around time

8. Easy to use

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MountainTop Stock IT

MountainTop Stock IT is the platform that enables your warehouse workforce to record all movement of inventory anytime, anywhere and on any device. The scanning option together with bar code generation enables you to keep inventory records in an effective manner.

  1. Inventory Picking & Receiving
  2. Stock Take
  3. Stock Alert
  4. Stock Monitoring
Portable-Reader-Make IT

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MountainTop Expense Manager

MountainTop Expense Manager is the platform that enables all your workforce to be able to report claims anytime, anywhere and on any device. You can scan your receipts and have it uploaded together with the expense report. MountainTop Expense Manager support Malaysian GST requirements where all claimable taxes are reported back to your financial applications.

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