Manufacturing Solution Overview

Pronto Xi Manufacturing software enables Malaysian manufacturers to integrate their operations, increase supply chain efficiency, provides visibility of manufacturing processes, manages production schedules, while reducing total costs. Pronto Xi Manufacturing have been deployed to Malaysian manufacturers big and small (SMEs) for more than 30 years.


Company Profile

Sector: Industrial Manufacturing
Industry: Building Materials
Astino Berhad is an investment holding company. The Company, through its subsidiaries, manufactures and sells metal roof sheets, PVC panels and compound, doors, insect screens, frames, and other building related products.

Company Profile

Sector: Manufacturer
Industry: Electronic Manufacturing
Betamek provides a supply of comprehensive products range that is available today – CD/MP3/WMA player with USB and A2DP, Bluetooth Hands Free System, Car Navigation and Multimedia System, Overhead Monitor, Car Clock, Mirror Switch, Power Window Switch, Air Cleaner, Cigarette Lighter, Power Socket, Cassette Player and Other Range of Audio System

Years of Experience

More than 25 years

Employee Size

More than 80 highly professional colleagues

Dedicated Teams

Mobile, Infrastructure & Supply Chain Team

Support & Customercare

Dedicated Support Team

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Here are the main key modules for Pronto Xi Manufacturing:

Shopfloor control manages the execution phase of the manufacturing process, while work orders are typically used to manage the planning, execution, raw materials consumption and feedback of production results.

Pronto Xi Manufacturing Planning provides a range of tools to optimize materials and capacity planning over single or multiple sites. Demand is aggregated through a network of distribution centers, using actual orders and forecasts, DRP/MRP or Min/Max replenishment logic.

Pronto Xi Manufacturing Scheduler is a Windows-based drag and drop application which simplifies scheduling and planning for work centres where many jobs are processed simultaneously.

Quality Management provides you with the tools to administer your organisation’s quality management procedures and activities.

SL Awards

SL Information has been awarded with numerous outstanding awards. To name a few, 

  1. IBM ASEAN Top Partner
  2. Pronto Top Partner

SL RoadMap

In SL, we have a road map for our customers to upgrade and to enhance their productivity and process workflows. We have teams in mobile application and infrastructure to help expand our customers’ IT transformation.

SL Community

We works closely with our customers on their needs and requirements. Our marketing team continuously seeks feedback and also provide updates to our customers. As a result, they are always well-informed on the latest technological trends.

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Pronto Xi Fully Supports Business Intelligence Analytics by IBM Cognos