SL Information Solutions is providing a KDRM certified and compliant GST Data Mart solution that will help you overcome all the requirements to be compliant with GST filing on a monthly basis and fulfil future audit requirements with the GAF File.

If you are still planning to be GST Compliant, please contact us to discover our GST Data Mart solution. SL Information Solutions. Our certification number with KDRM is KE.HF(121)426/05-68 and we are certified as Advance.

We are the KRDM certified vendor with GST accounting software for Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) (revised as at 7 March 2017)


  1. Tax Code table maintenance in accordance to KDRM guidelines
  2. Capture of purchase transactions for taxable supplies
  3. Capture of sales transactions with standard tax codes
  4. Filing of purchase transactions (full tax claimable)
  5. Filing of sales transactions (full tax claimable)
  6. Generation of GST 03 reports (Without TX-RE)
  7. Generation of GAF Audit File (GAF)
  8. Purchase transaction for Mixed (taxable and exempt) Supplies
  9. Sales transactions for Exempted Supplies
  10. Tax Report for Input Tax Recoverable Ratio (IRR)
  11. Filing of Purchase Transactions (Mix Tax Claimable)
  12. Annual Adjustment Function
  13. Generation of GST 03 reports (Complete with TX-RE tax code)

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