Distribution Solution Overview

Pronto Xi Distribution modules allow you to have clear visibility of your inventory by warehouse, no matter how many warehouses you have and no matter how many times it’s been moved.
Most importantly, you can improve efficiency by optimizing stock movements, reducing paper-based and manual processes, and having the information you need to make smart business decisions..s. Here are some of the key modules:

Pronto Xi Sales Orders gives you complete control over the sales order management cycle. It handles the processing of sales orders, produces picking slips and prints consignment notes, manifests, labels and customer documentation.

Pronto Xi Inventory offers complete inventory visibility across any industry. Track your inventory by quantity, movement and other relevant information, automate ordering and replenishment functions, and reconcile everything back to the fully integrated General Ledger.

Pronto Xi Purchase Orders is an efficient procurement solution providing tight cost control and simplifying your purchasing activities by managing your domestic and foreign supplies and shipment processes. Have the insight you need to plan future inventory requirements.

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Years of Experience

More than 25 years

Employee Size

More than 80 highly professional colleagues

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Mobile, Infrastructure & Supply Chain Team

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Dedicated Support Team

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SL Awards

SL Information has been awarded with numerous outstanding awards. To name a few, 

  1. IBM ASEAN Top Partner
  2. Pronto Top Partner

SL RoadMap

In SL, we have a road map for our customers to upgrade and to enhance their productivity and process workflows. We have teams in mobile application and infrastructure to help expand our customers’ IT transformation.

SL Community

We works closely with our customers on their needs and requirements. Our marketing team continuously seeks feedback and also provide updates to our customers. As a result, they are always well-informed on the latest technological trends.


Company Profile

Sector: Industrial Distribution
Industry: Machinery
Umw Industries (1985) Sdn Bhd was founded in 1959. The Company’s line of business includes the wholesale distribution of industrial machinery and equipment.

Company Profile

Sector: Distribution
Industry: Nuts & Bolts
CBN is an anchor fasteners distributor & stockist.  Syarikat CBN is the largest distributor and stockist of high tensile steel, stainless steel, torque-controlled, friction-grip etc fasteners such bolts and nuts around Malaysia.

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Pronto Xi Fully Supports Business Intelligence Analytics & Supply Chain Management for Optimization