IBM Cognos Business Analytics Overview

IBM Cognos Business Analytics delivers a revolutionary new user experience and expands traditional business intelligence (BI) with planning, scenario modelling, real-time monitoring and predictive analytics. With the ability to interact, search and assemble all perspectives of your business, Cognos 10 providees a limitless BI workspace to support how people think and work.


  1. Enhances users’ ability to access information and provide input by distributing relevant, trustworthy information throughout the organization
  2. Improved collaboration and accountability within the organization.
  3. Real-time analytics and support across multiple platforms improves response efficiency and analysis of information.

Industry Support

  • Food & Beverage
  • Wholesale & Distribution
  • Building Material
  • Chemical
  • Fashion


  1. Intuitive reporting, analysis, dashboard and scorecarding capabilities allow users to quickly personalize and easily find relevant content.
  2. Monitors internal and external factors of business performance while integrating information and analyses into multiple formats for user analysis.
  3. Predictive analytics and what-if analysis features allow users to analyse historical patterns and probabilities to anticipate future performance, and take pre-emptive steps

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Collective Intelligence

  1. Accommodates social networking needs of users via blogs, wikis and message boards to enable better connection, collaboration and input within organizations.
  2. Annotations, taxonomies and metadata help organizations to correctly source information, identify author input and gain a common definition of terms, ensuring consistency and giving users confidence in the information they are using.
  3. Integrated workflow aids decision-making through delivery of assignments, reports, and notifications to enable the organization to respond quickly and uniformly.

Actionable Insight

  1. Extended support and distribution of BI systems and up-to-date information for mobile/touch devices and disconnected user communities, supporting real-time analytics and decision-making capabilities.
  2. Integrates real-time analytics in everyday workflow by delivering information with applications via the most frequently used channels by users in the organization, enabling tracking and processing of information.