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Power of Clear Communications

Research company Forrester examined the impact of clear communications had on customer experience (CX) and the results showed that clearer and easier to read communications have a direct impact on creating a positive CX. Forrester concluded, “This outsized influence translates into a revenue impact that can be a game-changer for your bottom line.”

This indicates that you should carefully review the communications you are sending to your customers. Communications that use plain language and good information design principles ensure that your customers understand information the first time they read or hear it, avoiding the misunderstandings and errors that result in calls to the call centre or, worse, customer churn. It is good practice to use plain language as it is easy to read, understand and use.

Many organizations have communications to customers that are lengthy and it is a daunting task to re-do this huge piece of jig saw; plus many organizations are using either PDF or Word documents to be printed for their customers. Manually doing this is good for starters but there are better ways of handling such communication in a more efficient and effective manner. You need to understand the inventory of content that you have. How much of it can be re-use or revise in order to be communicated to improve your CX. An assessment can help you identify the amount of duplicates that you might have. You then need to identify the content that is valid and remove those that are redundant.

You can then automate the delivery of the content to your customers either by way of email or have it posted on your website. Your customers will be more delighted with the CX if they are able to obtain clear concise communications and is being delivered to them in the most convenient medium.

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