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Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): Are Industrial Companies in Malaysia Ready? (Part 4)

Should Malaysian Manufacturers embark on the IIoT journey, it is imperative to have a platform that enables the integration between all the various components of IIoT. The platform is to facilitate the transfer of IIoT data from sensors and devices for centralized data analysis and decision making and by use of Enterprise Applications. Part of the platform requires strong infrastructure security. Security solutions require enhancements to ensure detection of malicious activity and making it extremely difficult to sophisticated attacks. “Addressing such threats effectively requires a platform that
can efficiently deploy, authenticate and manage a large number of sensors and devices, enhance the visualization of events and the relationships of incidents, establish event or alert correlation across
domains and heterogeneous infrastructures, and develop real-time detection and response algorithms to adhere to the mission-critical constraints of the IIoT systems.” www.accenture.com

With “Big Data” from all the intelligent devices there is a serious need for the platform to be able to deal with such high volume data ingestion. The platform must be able to store and process and provide meaningful and actionable analytics. Such insights must be delivered in near real time in order for action to be taken immediately.

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