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Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): Are Industrial Companies in Malaysia Ready? (Part 3)

Global manufacturers have been adopting Manufacturing Execution Systems. MES helps to streamline factory-floor operations by managing and monitoring all work-in-process. MES provides real-time visibility, enable traceability of both materials and products throughout their lifecycles, help to lower lead times, and optimize plant operations. Malaysian manufacturers need to improve efficiency and quality of their business processes by discarding age old static management practices in favour of automated processes that will track people, materials, task and products in real-time. Global requirements dictates a more agile state of manufacturing. Gone are the days of reporting WIP at day end using paper work orders. Agile manufacturing demands real-time and quick response to customer’s changing demands.

One of the key areas to be integrated into the entire process is continuous Quality Assuarance. Applications for visual inspections can be integrated with statistical process control to deliver real time information. As a result quality issues can be addressed immediately instead of waiting for a batch to be completed. Most Malaysian Manufacturers are still adopting static control of the QA/QC process. If they are to leverage on IIoT, such practices needs to be changed and re-aligned.

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