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Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): Are Industrial Companies In Malaysia Ready? (Part 2)

Many multi-national manufacturers that are located in Malaysia especially those in the Hi-Tech sector have applied JIT Inventory and Supply Chain Management techniques within their organization. The purpose is to reduce inventory holding costs. Malaysian companies have also embarked on such initiatives over the past many years, although the numbers are not as impressive as those big name manufacturers. By leveraging on IIoT, Malaysian Manufacturers can enhance materials management across the entire supply chain. One of the key initiatives is for real-time visibility to materials. RFID tags can be deployed across the entire supply chain, all the way down to the factory floor to track WIP. As a start bar code scanning is an alternative to track materials throughout the supply chain. Sensors can be placed throught the manufacturing process to scan the items as It travels throughout the manufacturing process.

All the information can be integrated back to the core ERP system where you can use the information to analyse and predict. With proper analysis, changes to material availability parameters can be quickly made to minimize unnecessary interruptions and delays. Malaysian manufacturers should explore this area for a quick win.

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