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Malaysia Construction Industry Poised For Greater Growth

After a slow start to 2017, the construction industry is picking up a head of steam. Whatever the sentiments, the fundamentals look positive with the economy growing at 4.25%.
There’s a solid list of projects in the pipes heading into the second half of 2017 and stretches beyond 2018. MRT 2 is coming online and it will benefit not only the main contractors but all the subcontractors as well.
Other significant projects includes The DASH Highway, The Signature Tower, KL118, Jimah Coal Power Station, Bukit Jalil City and the long awaited HSR from KL to Singapore.

With many more complex projects on the way, construction companies will be faced with challenging task of managing such projects in a competent manner. Avoiding overruns and more effective planning will contribute
positively to their bottom line. An integrated Construction business application that will help manage all jobs, materials and costing is required to replace the inadequacy of paper based manual operations and Excel spreadsheets.
Integrated business analytics will provide managers with greater insights and control into every detail of each project. Automating repetitive tasks especially those plaguing the contract department will improve efficiency and effectiveness
of the business.

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