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    DSO is What You Need!


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No two organizations are identical. Hence, our industry experts throughly assess and analyse our clients' unique objectives, needs and requirements before recommending any technology or business solutions.


Based on these needs, our consultants suggest business solutions that best fits our clients' organizations. This includes creating an action plan to minimize risks, time, effort, and costs when delivering the business solution.


Apart from delivering and executing the business solution successfully, our implementation methodologies include working with the human capital of our customers; empowering and enabling them to leverage on the business solution their organization invested in.


SL Information's role with our customers doesn't end there. Post-implementation, our helpdesk is manned by experienced people to provide our customers with ongoing support. Other open communication channels include onsite, phone, e-mail and fax-based assistance

We have successfully spearheaded market development in Malaysia for the following:


>22 Years of Experience

IBM's enterprise IT infrastructure solution for more than two decades.


>20 Years of Experience

PRONTO's integrated enterprise management solution for over 18 years.


>12 Years of Experience

OpenText StreamServe's effective business document management solution for 10 years.


>21 Years of Experience

Infor's integrated enterprise management solution for the last decade and a half.

We have earned the trust of >100 customers , including these fine companies

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We bring a professional and effective approach to every project we work on, which is why our clients love us and why they keep coming back.

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